Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Las Despedidas (The Goodbyes)

As my grandpa informed me yesterday, I kind of fell off the blog the last few months. My only excuse is that I was too busy actually living my Paraguayan life, so I can't be too sorry, although I am sad that I wasn't able to share more about my beautiful goodbyes until now. 

Each goodbye I had was difficult, but I know in my heart that I will be returning to Paraguay (worst case scenario 2-5 years) so it luckily wasn't a forever goodbye. The friendships I made with the sisters, my coworkers and friends from youth group aren't just things I can leave behind. I treasure the relationships I made and the people I met because they helped me through the challenges and helped me become a better version of myself over the past year. I'll always miss them...

Goodbye party with JOMICA

Las tres amigas. Delma, Gabi & me
Ester & me. This girl is amazing! She works with the sisters almost as much as I did.

Goodbye in the tutoring classes with the adorable signs they made me.

For Hiliary with lots of love...
We love you Hiliary. Thanks for teaching us!
Showing off their end of the year gifts from the sisters and teachers and the coloring books I made.
Goodbye to my favorite little girl in the world, Nati
Some of the other girls from the home
Hna. Graciela, Sandra, Gladys, Lidia & me

The one and only Victoria...

Farewell lunch with the sisters

Me and the sisters showing off the bags I made
On our way to the bus station to head out

Goodbye to the sisters in Berisso in Buenos Aires!

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