VOICA (voy-ka), or the Canossian (can-ocean) International Voluntary Service, was created above all as a project to share the Canossian charism and missionary vocation with lay men and women ready to offer their spiritual and professional energy in service. It is a choice to serve those most in need and an experience of faith in the Christian community. VOICA represents a response to the needs of the times as well as an expression of the charism of St. Magdalene, founder of the Canossian Institute, who said, “Charity is like a blazing fire, seeking to embrace all things.” 
In 1996, the General Chapter of the Canossian Institute formalized the Canossian International Voluntary Service.  They created guidelines for volunteers, and an initial core group of VOICA was formed. In the following six years, the formation and sending process for long-term volunteers was gradually refined to 3 months of formation before serving in mission for a period of 1 year or more. In October 2001, VOICA was established as a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Italian government. From 2002 to 2010 more than a hundred volunteers have left for long-term missions. VOICA volunteers are currently serving in Togo, Congo, Uganda, East Timor, Albania, Indonesia , Angola, Paraguay and Brazil, and their missions focus on education, health care and pastoral outreach.

To learn more about VOICA visit www.voica.org.  If you're interested in volunteering in Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Argentina or New Mexico, USA you can contact VOICA America by e-mail.